Great transit mashup in Paris

I usually blog in french for obvious reasons as you may find out. However, today, i'd like to encourage english speaking readers to go and try (and comment) the transit mashup we are curently testing HERE.

We are proud of this service because :
  • it recognises addresses with typos or when the city is unknown... If you are looking for "chateau de versailles"as a departure and "musée du Louvre" as destination you will get this, and you may be able to get your journey planned by selecting the rigth pins on the map or the rigth names in the column. Here is an example of the result. Beware there is also a museum in the city of Louvres 40 Km north of Paris. It may not be the one you are looking for....
  • It takes into account the actual schedules of trains, buses, trams, as approved by the Stif the transport autority...
  • It shows the walk to and from the stations/stops in green, while the trip itself is in blue.
  • We are currently testing the service in Paris area but also in Brest (closest landing spot if you swim from the US).
Try it and let us know how we should improve it.
Advises on the wording of this post are also welcomed !

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